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Media Coverage
See the following links to articles that appeared in local media in 2016:

05-01-17 CJ Louisville Sells Airspace Over Seneca Park 

04-19-17 LEO A Plea For Trees - Louisville's Shrinking Urban Forest

12-15-16 CJ FAA Signs Off On Plan For Bowman

12-12-16 CJ James Bruggers - Disputed Bowman Tree Cutting to Resume

11-08-16 CJ James Bruggers - Federal Agency Faults Bowman Field Tree Plan

07-19-16 CJ Sheldon S. Shafer - Airfield Tree Plan to Proceed with No U.S. Aid

06-28-16 CJ James Bruggers - Public Airs Bowman Field Tree Concerns

06-27-16 Plea For The Trees Press Release on Bowman Field Public Hearing​

06-23-16 CJ Comment, Leslie Barras - Preserve Bowman Field Trees

06-06-16 CJ James Bruggers - Report Recommends More Tree-Cutting Near Bowman

05-27-16 Notice of Public Comment Period

05-02-16 CJ James Bruggers - Bowman Field Tree Cutting Could Cost Extra $1M

04-27-16 CJ James Bruggers - Bowman Field Tree Cutting to Speed Up, Expand

04-25-16 CJ James Bruggers - Tackling Louisville Hot Spots Will Save Lives

02-28-16 CJ James Bruggers - City Struggles to Dig Out of Deep Tree Deficit

See the following links to articles that appeared in local media in 2015:

03-26-15 CJ James Bruggers - Louisville Faces Billion Dollar Tree Rescue​

03-25-15 CJ James Bruggers - Louisville's Green Canopy Dying Off by 150 Trees a Day

See the following links to articles that appeared in local media in 2014:

08-07-14 CJ James Bruggers - Study Confirms Louisville Tree Losses

06-27-14 CJ James Bruggers - 'Hot Spots' Make Mercury Rise in Louisville

05-07-14 CJ James Bruggers - Study to Examine Louisville's Trees

02-22-14 CJ James Bruggers - Bowman Tree Cutting Plan Narrowed

See the following links to articles that appeared in local media in 2013:

11-05-13 WLKY Ann Bowdan - Crews Begin Clearing Trees From Bowman Field Area

10-17-13 WDRB Marcus Green - Tree Trimming Near Bowman Field to Start Around Nov. 1

09-01-13 CJ Martha Elson - Tree Work Set Near Bowman

05-17-13 CJ James Bruggers - Less Tree Cutting Possible at Bowman

05-08-13 Next City, Sarah Goodyear - There Are Few Trees in Louisville, America's Fastest Warming City

04-25-13 - Tree Plan Put on Hold - Mayor says it's 'premature' until after inventory

01-26-13 CJ James Bruggers - Study Links Midwest Tree Loss and Deaths 

See the following links to articles that appeared in local media in 2012:

12-28-12 CJ Sheldon S. Shafer - Airport Rental-Car Lot to Grow

12-28-12 WLKY - Interview with LRAA's Skip Miller

12-12-12 WFPL Erica Peterson - Louisville Adds 166 New Trees to Downtown ​

12-12-12 CJ James Bruggers - First of 166 New Downtown Trees Planted

12-10-12 James Bruggers, Watchdog Earth - Bowman Tree Cutting Delayed a Year

12-05-12 CJ Martha Elson​ - Bowman Field Neighbors Planting Low-Growing Trees

10-16-12 Tom FitzGerald CJ op-ed - Clearing the Air About Air Quality Standards

07-27-12 James Bruggers, Watchdog Earth - BF Tree-Removal Study Gets Closer

07-23-12 James Bruggers, Watchdog Earth - "No-Net-Loss" Recommendation to Mayor

07-16-12 CJ - Panel May Seek Stronger Stance on Tree Canopy 

07-2012 Highlander: Local Group Launches Plea for the Trees Website

06-21-2012 CJ - Editorial: Parks, Trees Add Life to City, People

06-20-2012 James Bruggers, Watchdog Earth - Bowman Consultant Selected

06-11-12 WFPL - Website Launch

04-21-12 CJ - Federal Funds At Stake In Bowman Field Tree Dispute 

03-2012 Lou Mag - Bob Hill: Interloping Loppers

03-09-12 CJ - Easements Protect Agency From Lawsuits

02-2012 Highlander: A Thousand Trees

02-20-12 CJ - Reader's Letter: Bowman's Strengths

02-18-12 CJ - Reader Letters: Highland's Trees

02-15-12 CJ - Bowman Field Tree Study Plan Approval

02-15-12 CJ - Airport Board Sets Bowman Tree-Study Vote

02-14-12 CJ - Editorial: Bowman Field's Future

02-08-12 CJ - Conservancy Fears Losing Trees In Seneca Park Groves

02-05-12 CJ - Bowman Survey To Check Homes

01-18-12 CJ - Editorial: Planes and Trees

01-13-12 James Bruggers, Watchdog Earth - Bowman Tree Dispute Continues

01-06-12 CJ - Reader Letter: Don't Cut Trees

01-05-12 CJ - Residents Argue Against Tree Plan

01-04-12 WHAS - Residents Not Happy About Possible Tree Removal At BF

01-04-12 WDRB - New Regulations Could Mean Fewer Trees Around Bowman Field

01-04-12 WAVE 3 News - Citizens Battling Tree Issue With Airport

01-03-12 CJ - Bowman Field Tree Removal At Issue

The following links are to articles appearing in the local media in 2011:

12-31-11 WLKY - Neighbors Concerned Over BF Tree Plan

12-30-11 WLKY - Neighbors Concerned Over BF Expansion

12-19-11 WFPL - LRAA Will Brief BF Neighbors On New FAA Rules

12-15-11 CJ - Bowman Field Tree Removal Plan

12-10-11 MSNBC - Bowman Field Neighbors Warned About Trees

The following links are to articles appearing in the local media in 2008:

08-04-08 Business First - Turbulent Times: BF Tries to Stop Exodus of Flights

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