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Environmental Study
What is an Environmental Assessment ?

An Environmental Assessment (EA) is one type of analysis required of federal agencies when they fund, approve, or otherwise assist a non-federal project (as well as when a federal agency undertakes a project). In this case, the FAA's funding and approval of the LRAA's Bowman Field Safety Program triggered environmental review under federal law (the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, also called "NEPA"). Most people have heard of an Environmental Impact Statement ("EIS"), the most detailed type of NEPA review document. 

Hanson Professional Services issued the Draft Environmental Assessment​ in May, 2016. Approximately 350 comments on the document were submitted to the FAA, and about 200 people attended the public meeting on the DEA on June 28, 2016. 

(See: Draft Environmental Assessment) 
Note: Historic Architectural Survey
located in Appendix B.  
(Warning: large file)​

Comments on Draft Environmental Assessment

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