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Environmental Concerns
The following articles and studies shed a light on the many environmental concerns:

Guidebook for Assessing Airport Lead Impacts
Published by Airport Cooperative Research Program

Louisville Faces Billion Dollar Tree Rescue
03-26-15 - CJ Article by James Bruggers.  

Louisville's Green Canopy Dying Off by 150 Trees a Day
03-25-15 - CJ Article by James Bruggers.  

Impact of Green Space on Heat and Air Pollution
March 2015 - Meta-Narrative Systematic Review by David Suziki Foundation

'Hot Spots' Make Mercury Rise in Louisville
06-27-14 - CJ Article by James Bruggers.  Hot spots share conditions such as dark roofing materials that absorb rather than reflect heat, a lot of asphalt or concrete, and not many shade trees.

Study to Examine Louisville's Trees
05-07-14 - CJ article by James Bruggers.  Tree canopy study seeks to get detailed information on the status of Louisville's urban forest.

Killer Summer Heart
May 2012 - NRDC Issue Brief.  Projected Death Toll from Rising Temperatures in America Due to Climate Change

Feeling the Burn
August 2013 - Louisville Magazine article by Mary Chellis Austin

Clearing the air about air quality standards
10-16-12 Tom Fitzgerald op-ed 

Cannons Lane ambient air monitoring site fact sheet
Air Monitoring Site - Fact Sheet

Cannons Lane Air Pollution Monitoring Station
Air Monitoring Station with Map

Turning to Trees
Turning to Trees - Heat Island article
06-06-12 - CJ article by James Bruggers.  Scientist recommends city make trees a priority to fight heat.

Louisville - America's Fastest Warming City
There Are Few Trees in Louisville, America's Fastest Warming City
05-08-13 - Next City article by Sarah Goodyear

Heat Island
Heat Island article
​05-06-12 - CJ article by James Bruggers.  Louisville may be getting hotter at a faster rate than other large US cities

Louisville To Lead US In Heat Deaths, Study Says
Future Louisville heat deaths article
05-24-12 - CJ article by James Bruggers.  New forecast coves 40 large American cities

Hidden Threat:Elevated Pollution Levels Near Regional Airports​​​
ScienceDaily (Nov. 18, 2009) — Scientists are reporting evidence that air pollution -- a well-recognized problem at major airports -- may pose an important but ...

Aircraft Emission Impacts in a Neighborhood Adjacent to a General Aviation Airport in Southern California
by S Hu - 2009 - Cited by 16 - Related articles
Nov 1, 2009 – Aircraft emission impacts in a neighborhood adjacent to a general aviation airport in southern California. Hu S, Fruin S, Kozawa K, Mara S, ...

A Geospatial Analysis of the Effects of Aviation Gasoline on Childhood Blood Lead Levels
by ML Miranda - 2011 - Related articles
Jul 13, 2011 – Environ Health Perspect 119:1513-1516. Received: 19 November 2010; Accepted: 13 July 2011; ...
Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) 1996 Study
Flying Off Course Environmental Impacts of America's Airports ... determine: (1) the most important environmental issues connected with airports, and (2) the best ...

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"It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government
to save the environment." 

- Ansel Adams
​What kind of future are we leaving the next generation?
Environmental costs / societal consequences of large-scale canopy removal  

Trees help reduce the increased air, water and noise pollution that airports and airplanes generate.  

"Airport bubbles" is a concept that treats an airport and the area within a specific  radius around the airport as a single source of pollution.that emits a range of pollutants, including air, noise, water and solid waste.
(SERC Project at State Environmental Resource Center, Madison, Wisconsin)

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