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Airspace Obstruction Study
​The Hanson consulting team hired by the LRAA in July 2012 developed an Aeronautical Survey and Airport Airspace Analysis around Bowman Field in the fall of 2012. The report on the survey and analysis was submitted to the FAA in the May 2013. 

After the FAA conducted an initial review of the report, the “obstruction” locations were released to Plea For The Trees in late summer 2013. Plea For The Trees is working to map these obstructions, but an Excel spreadsheet with the “obstruction” locations identified east of Runway 6 can be found here:  KLOU_Obstruction_List

The study was primarily conducted through aerial photography, based upon the various work plans submitted to the FAA for approval. (It should be noted that the aerial photography was performed on September 19, 2012 and the FAA did not actually approve the work plans until afterwards.) The photography should result in an inventory of all natural (trees) and human-made (utility poles, buildings, billboards) objects to determine which are "obstructions," i.e., they intrude into the protected airspace associated with each runway departure end.

The “obstruction” inventory includes latitude and longitude coordinates, the ground-level elevation (in mean sea level feet), height of each “obstruction,” and how far the “obstruction” protrudes into the height limit (in feet). It is important to accurately locate each object and take into account the effect of rolling or level topography in the analysis. Plea For The Trees is concerned about whether the Hanson team performed sufficient survey work on the ground in addition to in the air, and is reviewing the data with respect to these concerns. 

FAA is now responsible for determining which of these "obstructions" are "hazards" to navigable airspace and, therefore, have to be mitigated through removal, marking, alternative published flight procedures, or a waiver.

Check back for info on the study as we learn more.
The Louisville Cancer Society grove of memorial trees planted along the walking path off Pee Wee Reese Road will be threatened in the future.
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© Mike Hayman
© Mike Hayman