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Plea For The Trees was organized in 2011 to respond to the Louisville Regional Airport Authority’s (LRAA) proposal to remove mature, valuable native hardwood and evergreen trees around the Bowman Field general aviation airport in Louisville, Kentucky. Now, in 2016, based on citizen advocacy, the number of trees removed or planned for removal is about one-third of that originally proposed, but is still an unacceptable 250 to 300 trees total. LRAA’s “mitigation,” after destroying one 110-foot tall pin oak by planting two dogwoods, is not “replacement planting” either in shade coverage forever lost or other environmental benefits (see: Benefits of Trees). The agency is also trying to acquire burdensome airspace rights around Bowman (called “avigation easements,” read about them here: Avigation Easements), which will permanently harm homeowners and business owners.

Bowman Field loses about $1 million per year, and the number of piston engine aircraft using the airport is steadily declining. (This 2008 Business First article [Turbulent Times; BF Tries to Stop Exodus of Flights] says it all and is a “must read.”) LRAA now designates a corporate jet as the “design aircraft” for the main, east-west runway and is trying to restore jet operations all day and night. Their latest airport plan proposes airport-related and non-airport development around the edges of Bowman Field, near neighborhoods. Neighbors have organized to protect their interests in the “Safety Program” and beyond. 

The people below need to hear from us regarding concerns and objections over Bowman Field. This letter (sample letter) is a suggested model to send to officials based on the concerns and issues we've heard from you.  You can download and modify/shorten it for the items that are most urgent to you..  

Mayor Greg Fischer, email form: Phone: 574.2003 (for fax number or to leave a message)

Chief, Louisville Forward Mary Ellen Wiederwohl (she sits in most of the LRAA Board meetings for the Mayor):

Seve Ghose, Metro Parks Director, 1297 Trevilian Way (or PO Box 37280), 40213 

LRAA Board Members: email each member at and put their name in the subject line, e.g., “Message for Board Member Welch.” The current members are:

  • Jim Welch, Chariman (retired Brown-Forman executive) 
  • Mary Rose Evans, Vice Chair (Mayor of Parkway Village) 
  • Jon Meyer, Secretary-Treasurer (CPA, Jones, Nale & Mattingly) 
  • Greg Fischer (as Mayor, he also appoints 8 of the 11; the Governor appoints 3)
  • Dale Boden (President, B F Capital) 
  • Nikki R. Jackson (VP, Louisville branch of the Federal Reserve Bank) 
  • Earl F. Jones, Jr. (senior counsel, GE) 
  • Elaine (“Cissy”) Musselman (Vice Chair, Risk Mgmt. Services insurance agency) 
  • Lesa Seibert (President, Xstreme Media) 
  • Evelyn Strange (President, Advanced Electrical Systems) 
  • Steve Trager (President & CEO, Republic Bancorp)

2016 LRAA Board Meeting Dates:​ August 17 (may be cancelled for summer recess; September 21, October 19, November 16, December 21 (may be cancelled for winter recess).  Meetings are open to the public.  Meeting location: 600 Terminal Drive, Louisville, KY  40209.  (For August 17 and December 21 meetings, call Natalie Chaudoin at 502-363-8507 to confirm.)

Metro Council: 

  • Brandon Coan, District 8 (west and south of the airport, west Seneca Park and Pee Wee Reese Rd.) – takes office 1/1/17. Hhe can be reached in the meantime at:
  • Brent Ackerson, District 26 (part of Seneca Village, The Spring, Big Spring Country Club, Jewish Community Center, Bon Air Estates):

State Senator Morgan McGarvey:, 2250 Winston Avenue

US Rep. John Yarmuth: email form

All photos on this site are of trees that are threatened, or will be threatened in the future, by being in the proposed airspace.
Help Us Save The Trees!  (For more photos, see our Photo Gallery)

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead 

Majestic oaks on Valletta Road in Seneca Gardens threatened by Bowman Field's tree removal plan.
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